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Well 5 days in Dehli so far and it's been hectic. After the mad Taxi journey from the airport, the Hotel (Sun International in Pahar Gasnj) is fairly decent, basic facilities but occasional hot water and is clean with a european toilet.

Getting around is chaos, the streets are so crowded and hawkers and vendors at every turn. Got a sore throat from the amount of times having to say Thank You No to everything from shoe shines to ear cleaning!!

Taken in most of the sites so far, seen the Red Fort, Largest Mosque in India, Haruman's tomb (Beautiful Taj Mahal like tomb in lovely gardens where we also saw our first Snake Charmer) as well as India Gate, the Presidential palace and Parliament (With Monkeys climbing on the wall!)

Food is amazing and I"ve gone veggie whilst over here as the chicken dishes are basically the sauce with a huge chicken drumstick in the middle! The Dal Mahkhani (Lentils in a creamy sauce) and the Mutter Masala (Masalaed mushrooms all served with Nana's and PArantha's are amazing. Very cheap too, about Two pound for a meal for 2 with drinks!

The way we get around when not walking is the auto rickshaws or Tuk Tuks, about 50p to get anywhere in the city although being in one is like being in a real life game of Burnout Revenge as they impossibly swerve at high speeds narrowly missing everything from other rickshaws, horse drawn carts, dogs pedestrians and Cows! Yes the sacred cows do just wander around the main roads minding their own business!

Yesterday went to Agra and saw the Taj Mahal, hellish journey 5 hours on a hot coach getting there but well worth it once there, it is simply the most amazing building I have ever seen. The pictures I've seen don't do it any justice at all!

The journey back we got a train (4 hours but much more comfortable once you find a carriage not full of chickens, goats and huge bails of hay/corn!)

Getting a bit overwhelmed with the noises and smells now and looking forward to Friday am when we head off to Mumbai and then onto the beaches/jungles! Chris is adapting well after spending the first 2 days in total shock at the chaos, sights and smells of it all as is his first time in a third world country. Not had too many beers only really first night where we found a Mexican themed bar (Rodeo in Connaught Place) where the seats were real saddles from horses! Very uncomfortable after a few hours and lots of beer.

Off today to see some more mausoleums and the take in an Indian Dance and music show this evening!

Will update you more in afew days. Weather here not too hot, about 15 degrees during the day but gets very cold at night almost zero degrees, so definately coat weather in evening!

Have fun all


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Well we're all booked and ready to go

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So we have the tickets booked and are raring to go.

Leaving Heathrow on 1st december arriving in Dehli 2nd Dec.

A week in Dehli to hopefully see the sights of the golden triangle then off to Mumbai on the 9th. A week in Mumbai before heading off to Tamil Nadu to spend a week around OOty and Mudumalai in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Check out for updates when we arrive as the next week is gonna be spent on numerous parties drinking ourselves stupid before we head off.

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Here's the plan so far!

Late Nov 2005 - Whenever!

Fed up of life in London at the moment, just sold my company so pretty solvent and no ties back in England so decided to head off round the World in next few weeks time for 6 months or a year with a friend.

Have family in Philippines so going to make our way there for Xmas/New Year (well gotta celebrate Xmas in the only Christian country in Asia) via stop offs for a few days each in India and Hong Kong.

Plan then is to work our way down the Philippine islands for a month or so before getting the ferry from Zamboanga over to Borneo. From there travel along the Indonesian Islands up to Malaysia/Singapore then into Thailand, Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam then back to Hong Kong probably 5 months or so later.

Then Hong Kong to Oz then onto NZ and then LA via Fiji. From there probably spend the next few months randomly around South America (haven't planned that far ahead yet!) before heading up to New York accross America and then if still alive and can face it head back home to London to get bored all over again no doubt.

Anyone crossing our paths feel free to say hi and drop in for a beer!

Hope to see you all soon!

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